We are QC Find Now

We are an innovative start-up with an unmatched dedication towards promoting local businesses and encouraging individuals to patronize at QCA’s local finest. Our vision is to become one of the leading online resources to provide authentic information about our local store owners and service providers. We hope to bring the best to our esteemed visitors by showing them businesses that are passionate about serving the local community and providing excellent value in the products or services they offer. Another goal is to help not only our local residents but also Quad City tourists with newer, simpler ways to be aware about the cities they have come to love.

This start-up was created to address the worrying neglect of local businesses in favor of national chains. While we do not seek to undermine the importance of these chains in the economy, we believe that true development starts from the grassroots. And the local community serves to benefit immensely from the patronage of local businesses.

We promise we are here to serve all of our clients to the best of our abilities and to provide resources that will truly benefit all those that utilize it; from the local business that serve our communities, to those that help support the local economy by choosing to keep their business local. We have thoughtfully put together an online experience that we feel, up until now, did not exist but has been much needed.

Our passionate and dedicated staff are working diligently towards adding the local content that we believe you seek. We greatly appreciate your patience and trust. We hope to always meet you at the point of need. Please join us on the ride to discover the best local businesses and bring you the best of the Quad Cities and surrounding areas. We are ready to reveal your home to you in a whole new light.

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